Thursday, 18 April 2013

Are you the most annoying person on Facebook?

By @JessMatthewman, Community Manager at @Tangerine_PR

We’ve all got those posts on our Timelines. You know the ones - the ones that absolutely do not need to be there. These are the posts that share too much information; or purposely not enough. The ones that show you something you never wished to see; or something you jealously wish you could see in real life. The declarations of love, the declarations of hate… I could go on, but my point is that everyone’s Facebook Timeline is full of posts that annoy the heck out of us. The thing is, we’ve all fallen victim to being one of the most annoying people on Facebook at some point!


Don’t think you’ve done it? Check out this list of the most annoying status updates which was published recently - and tell me you’ve never been one of those people…

Diet and exercise boasters:
You’ve got up, you’ve been to the gym, you’ve drank a smoothie and now, apparently, is the time to let everyone know about it. There is another term for this post: gloating.

Meal sharers:
Almost the flip-side of the diet and exercise boasters, these gluttons are eating the best meal of their lives and simply must show you. Unfortunately, this happens at every mealtime and the criteria for gourmet usually just means edible. Enough with the scrambled eggs!

Cryptic status writers:

Personally, these are one of my favourites. These are the people who have had a really, really awful day and can only rectify this through a status update that reads:
This is then generally followed by a rush of people asking what is wrong and a follow up response that, nine times out of ten, will read:
‘Don’t want to talk about it.’
Of course you don’t, hence why you posted it online.

Game inviters:
Somehow, this breed of annoying update is usually from someone you have never met. How they ended up as a friend can be baffling – more baffling is why they don’t seem to understand that your repeated ‘ignoring’ of Farmville requests means you don’t want to play. Ever.

Proud parents:
I like babies. I do. I’m a good babysitter and enjoy YouTube videos featuring hysterically laughing infants. I don’t, however, like babies on Facebook. This is because the proud parent poster habitually crosses the line between sharing and over-sharing. Listen up parents: there’s a difference between a sweet sleeping baby and the documentation of potty training.
Just remember though: the latter will come back to haunt them in the teenage years.

Too-personal sharers:
Similar to the proud parents, these over-sharers take it upon themselves to give us intense detail about private matters. Usually they are either pretty gross in a physical way or, even worse, a romantic way. There also appears to be a great deal of confusion between the too-personal sharers, with many claiming to have ‘the best boyfriend/girlfriend everrrrr’.

They’ve been here, there and everywhere, and don’t you know it? These are the kind of sharers that visit the Mona Lisa but probably haven’t had chance to see it because they’ve been too busy finding wireless signal to check-in.

Event spammers:
These people are hosting a huge, exclusive, sell-out event… But just in case it isn’t, they’ll invite their entire friend list to make sure everyone’s there. Annoyingly, even if you have no interest in attending the next Goat Herder’s Association Conference, once you’ve been invited you’re going to get the page updates until it’s finally passed – which usually won’t be until 2015.

Constant engagers:
Sometimes known as stalkers, these posters are there to ‘like’ your post no matter what the content, time of day and without respect for national holidays. They will be there. At best, this is a comfort, but at worst a little creepy… How do they know? Why did they like your post about having tonsillitis?

So, are you guilty of one of the above? Do you know another cardinal sin of Facebook! Let us know!

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